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SmartVault Release Notes for October 2017

October 2017 SmartVault Service Updates

Release Date: October 25th, 2017


The following changes were made to all SmartVault accounts:

Security Improvements:

Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) - Phase 1 Complete:

  • The October 2017 release includes many incremental security updates that will make Two-Factor Authentication possible on all existing SmartVault accounts.  
    • We intend to make Two-Factor Authentication available when Phase 2 is completed as part of the December 2017 service update.
  • Password Information will no longer be stored or "remembered" by SmartVault. 
    • The Remember Me option in the SmartVault Launchpad has been changed to Remember email.
      • Updating the SmartVault for Windows Software (which includes the Launchpad, Connected Desktop, Inbox, etc.) will no longer allow a SmartVault user to automatically log into the Launchpad as SmartVault will no longer remember their password.
        Launchpad Login with Session Token 04.png

    •  The Stay Signed In option on the SmartVault Portal has been changed to Remember email.
      • Once a SmartVault user has signed-out of the SmartVault Portal, they will no longer be able to automatically log back in.  All users will have to type in at least their password to sign back in to the Portal.
        Portal Login with Session Token 01.png
    • We highly recommend recording your SmartVault password or using password management software like LastPass or Keychain to secure your password
  • Opt-In Feature: Session Tokens which enable Auto Log-Out Due to Inactivity and Location-Based Security features have been added to the SmartVault Portal.
    • Similar to many bank and insurance websites, SmartVault will ask a user if they would like to stay logged in to the Portal after 13 minutes of inactivity and, barring a response, will automatically log the user out after 15 minutes of inactivity.
    • Opening the SmartVault Portal in multiple tabs within the same web browser is supported by Session Token.  Stay active in the SmartVault Portal in just one tab and all the other tabs will stay signed in as well.
    • SmartVault will also check if the first 2 portions of your IP address have changed, so you can stay logged in whenever you are within reach of your office WiFi network. However, you will be automatically logged out and asked to log back in if you try to connect to SmartVault through a different network, like at the airport or a local coffee shop. 
    • Click here to learn more about Session Tokens and Auto Log-Out.
    • Click here to learn how to opt-in to Session Tokens.


  • Opt-In Feature: Session Tokens which enable Obligatory Authentication and Location-Based Security features have been added to the SmartVault Launchpad / SmartVault for Windows Software.
    • The SmartVault Launchpad and its components (i.e. - Connected Desktop, Import Tool, etc.) will not automatically disconnect due to inactivity like the SmartVault Portal, but it will require users to manually log back in once every 7 days even if the user has not logged out.
    • As an added layer of security, SmartVault will automatically log you out of the Launchpad and its components if the first 2 portions of your IP address have changed (i.e. - you connect to SmartVault through a different network).
    • Click here to learn more about Session Tokens and Auto Log-Out.
    • Click here to learn how to opt-in to Session Tokens.



Login / Password Reset Help:

  • Help is now available through the Customer Support Chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of the SmartVault Portal login screen.  Now end clients and customers alike can get help before even logging in to the SmartVault Portal!
    Portal Login with Intercom 02.png



The following bug fixes were made to the Connected Desktop:


  • Dragging and dropping multiple folders with subfolders into the Connected Desktop now preserves the folder hierarchy as intended.
    • Customers can now drag a mix of files, folders, folders with subfolders, and files within folders and subfolders into the Connected Desktop and SmartVault will duplicate the Windows folder structure as expected.



How to Opt-In to Session Tokens: If you are the Administrator of a SmartVault account and would like the Session Tokens feature enabled for all your clients and employees, you must do the following:

  • Update your SmartVault for Windows Desktop Client on all computers that you use with SmartVault.
  • Click here to contact SmartVault Customer Support
    • Tell Customer Support you would like to activate Session Tokens on your account.
    • Provide the Admin email address you use to access SmartVault.