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Link an existing RightSignature account to SmartVault


This page will show you how to qualify for a discount on a new or existing RightSignature account by signing up through SmartVault.  A separate guide will show you how to integrate RightSignature with SmartVault once you have completed the sign-up process.  Click here to view that guide:  Integrate RightSignature with SmartVault


Warning:  The steps below should be completed before attempting to integrate RightSignature with SmartVault or you will not receive a discount on your RightSignature service and the integration may not work.



  1. Go to this website and click on the blue Get Started button
    • You can read more about the benefits of integrating RightSignature with SmartVault by scrolling down and reading through the page

  2. Select whether you will be linking a New RightSignature account or an Existing RightSignature account
    • if you select Existing RightSignature account, continue to Step 3
    • If you select New RightSignature account, click here: Link a new RightSignature account
      • If you are not quite ready to sign-up or link accounts, click on the small white "X" in the gray circle in the top left corner of the pop-up window to cancel

  3. You will be taken to an online form for an Existing RightSignature Account
    • On this page you will enter the following information and click on the 'blue' button at the bottom of this form:
      • The RightSignature Monthly or Annual Plan you would like to sign up for
      • The email address you use to login to your RightSignature account
    • After submitting the form you will see the following message: "Thank you. You will receive a confirmation email shortly"

  4. You will receive an email from RightSignature informing you:
    • RightSignature will be reviewing your existing subscription and may contact you within 48 hours.
    • They will make sure you receive your SmartVault discount and that the KBP or Knowledge-Based Password authentication feature is added to your account.
  5. End of Existing RightSignature account setup - Return to the SmartVault Dashboard and follow these instructions: Integrate RightSignature with SmartVault


That's it - you've successfully applied for your SmartVault discount and are now ready to integrate your RightSignature account with SmartVault.





You must complete the sign-up process for new and existing RightSignature accounts to receive a discount and to complete the integration with SmartVault before you attempt to Integrate RightSignature with SmartVault.