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Svault.exe Missing, Desktop Icons Missing, or SmartVault Not Opening on Startup


If the SmartVault application shortcuts suddenly stop working telling you they cannot locate "svault.exe", or disappear entirely. It's possible your antivirus application has accidentally quarantined or deleted the svault.exe file from the SmartVault program files folder. 


SmartVault will no longer start with Windows because the svault.exe file is missing. 


In June 2014 we became aware of an issue where Avast antivirus software was incorrectly flagging the svault.exe executable and automatically deleting it. This file is necessary for the desktop software to function. Windows then cleans up the shortcuts on the next restart. 


In Avast you will need to add an exception to your virus scanner to omit the path C*:\program files (x86)\SmartVault from it's scans.  We are not aware of any other software currently flagging SmartVault as malicious. 

Avast has provided a video for this procedure to walk you through this process: 

After this is done, you will need to reinstall SmartVault to replace the necessary files. 

*Windows System Drive

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