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Getting Started for Guests

Your accountant or the account owner has invited you to use an online portal to manage and upload documents. Here is a guide on where to begin.

Activating your login


If you haven't created a password previously with SmartVault. Open the email from and click on the link that looks like this:




Signing in


At, Enter your email and password to get signed in.

If you have forgotten your password, please press the "reset password" button and follow the prompts there.




Once signed in, you can navigate in and out of your folders using one of two ways.


  1. Click on the name of the vault or folder
  2. Click on the links found along the top of the page to navigate up a level





There are two options available to upload on any place where you are able to

On the far left side:

On the far right side:


Sample locations of where you may be able to upload:

  • Tax
  • Accounting
  • Other
    • Your account owner may have given you access at some other location to upload at. They would be able to confirm where you need to upload at.





In any place that you are able to view documents, you can use these three options to accomplish that.

From the document list: From the document preview: from the file tasks:
e_portal_download_button.png e_portal_preview_download.png e_portal_preview_file_task_download.PNG

Sample locations of where you may be able to download:

  • Tax
  • Accounting
    • You may have access to a month folder underneath the Accounting Services folder
  • Other
    • Your account owner may have given you access to some other location to download files from. They would be able to confirm where your files are stored


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