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Connecting Lacerte or ProSeries to SmartVault

Opening the SmartVault Launchpad

As a tax accountant, you'll primarily use the SmartVault Connected Desktop to achieve most of your daily workflow.  However, the SmartVault Launchpad offers you a place to access to all the tools within SmartVault, including the Connected Desktop.

Connecting Your Tax Application

Since SmartVault integrates directly with Intuit's Lacerte or ProSeries tax apps, it appears inside your tax application as a print destination and becomes ingrained directly into your normal workflow.  As you continue through this guide, we'll show you how SmartVault augments your already existing tax process.  Before you can see SmartVault in your tax application, you'll need to grant SmartVault access to Lacerte, ProSeries, or both.


  1. After installing SmartVault with the recommended settings, you'll have four SmartVault desktop shortcuts.

  2. Locate the SmartVault Launchpad icon and double-click to open.
  3. Enter the email address and password you supplied during sign up.
  4. As the Launchpad opens and you should receive one or more additional windows depending on the Intuit software you have installed. 
  5. Click Grant to allow SmartVault access to your installed Intuit programs.

  6. When you open the Lacerte or ProSeries print window, you'll see SmartVault as a print destination.


  1. SmartVault does not support integration with Intuit ProSeries Basic tax appliction.
  2. SmartVault suports all Intuit ProSeries 2013 and Lacerte 2013 tax apps and later.

If you have any issues with granting SmartVault access to your tax application, see this article to manually grant access to SmartVault.

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