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Resend Activation Link to Client or Guest


If you need to resend the activation link to an invitee (user, client or guest) because

  • They deleted the original
  • Can't find it
  • Or did not get it


You can also send these instructions to your invitee (user, client or guest) to request the activation link themselves.


  1. Go to https://my.smartvault.com.
  2. Sign in
  3. Go to view Dashboard
  4. Click on Clients
  5. Find the client you want to re-invite
  6. Click on the top left hand corner checkbox
  7. Choose invite client on the top left hand corner of the Client Dashboard screen
  8. Have the client check their email inbox for an activation link from notify@my.smartvault.com


If the user has not already activated their user id, they will be sent an activation link. If they have already activated, the system will identify this and send them a password reset link instead.

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