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Import Clients from Lacerte or ProSeries Using the Import Data Tool

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After you complete your initial migration by using the Data Migration tool, you can import more clients from Lacerte at a later time with the Import Data tool.


Lacerte is being used in the example below, but the process is identical for ProSeries users except for Step 4 since ProSeries does not allow you to filter your client list by type before it is displayed.


  1. Open the Import Data tool from the SmartVault Launchpad.

  2. Select your most recent version of Lacerte or ProSeries, select your SmartVault account, and click Next.

  3. You might need to wait for Lacerte or ProSeries to compile your client data. You'll see this window open when Lacerte has finished.  ProSeries users will not see this window; skip to Step 5.

  4. Select each type of client to import. Click Select All to choose all types. Click Next when finished selecting. (Lacerte users only)
  5. Select the specific clients to import. Click Select All to import all clients. Click Finish when done with selecting.

  6. Now, back in the Import Data tool, you'll select each client you want to import. You can select any number of clients. Hold CTRL and click each client to select multiple clients that are not continuous, or hold SHIFT and click from one client to another to select all clients in between.


  7. Click Import All to import every client in this list or click Import Selected to only import those clients you've selected.
  8. As each client finishes importing, you'll see a status for the client. The import process is tracked with a progress bar, and when finished, you can click Exit.
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