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Add Employees





Employees in Your SmartVault Account

Now that you've seen how SmartVault can help you interact with your clients, we'll explore how your employees will interact with SmartVault. At this point in your trial, you won't want to add all of your employees to SmartVault. Adding an employee automatically invites that employee to your account. Since you haven't customized your account yet, you may want to add just one employee as a test case. 


Employees are granted certain abilities and access in your account. By default, your employees can access all client vaults. Additionally, your employees can add clients, send documents to clients, and edit client details in the client records. You can also grant an employee administrative privileges in your account. See this article for more information on what an Administrator can do in a SmartVault account.



  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Right click on your account and select View Dashboard.

  3. Click Employees.

    Dashboard - Employees Task Icon.png
  4. Click the + icon  Add new employee.

  5. Click the + icon to add information for each field.
    • Name and Email are required to save the Employee.
    • Leaving the Administrative User unchecked will set up the employee as an Employee user.

  6. Check Administrative user to give the employee administrator privileges. A green badge appears on the employee icon to signify this user is an Administrator.

    • You should not give all employees administrative privileges, and instead, you should limit this only to employees that need to make changes to the account. See this article for more about what an administrator can do in your SmartVault account

  7. Click Save Changes.

  8. When you've saved your changes, the new employee is added to your employee list. 


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